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Where do YOUR thoughts come from?

The principles of mind control, hypnotic suggestion and mental programming are ancient. Modern technology allows the implementation of these age-old principles on a massive scale to influence the thinking and behavior of large numbers of people. The ultimate control is to control people without their conscious awareness.

Most people do not pay conscious attention to the things that affect them subconsciously. They do not usually know what to look for. However, when pointed to, these things can be recognized and understood.

WARNING: Psychological warfare and economic warfare are being waged against America. Mind control is the most important issue facing America. . . and the world! The most effective way to protect yourself and your loved ones from subconscious manipulation is by being aware of how it works.

In the book 1984, George Orwell warned that people were in danger of losing their freedom of mind without being aware of it while it was happening because of psychological, emotional and intellectual manipulation: Mind Control.

"All the problems in America are the result of people being led to believe things that are not true," says Steven Jacobson, author and producer of the audio series Mind Control in America and Wake-Up America.

If you have not been deprogrammed yet, then these two powerful audios (the result of more than ten years of research) will open your eyes and mind to a hidden reality!

"My entire family has truly enjoyed your audios and become enlightened from the knowledge contained in them. What a wonderful way to gain an education and insight into matters previously unknown or misunderstood. Please keep up the very good and necessary work you are doing." - J.C. Tuscon, Arizona

Listen to this 8 minute clip of Steven from a recent radio interview.

"I listened to your audio on mind control which has provided me with the answers I have been seeking. I am humbled by the final section regarding spiritual realization. Finally, the square peg fits the square hole!" - G.S. United Kingdom


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